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Steve Bez

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Bar graph

Would someone be able to isolate the red bar on the graph so it will be next to the yellow bar on the right side?

Very urgent!

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Edward Pamias
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Change the Axis to Primary. See if that helps.
Avatar of Steve Bez
Steve Bez


Thanks Edward!

Unfortunately it changed the other bars and I need them to stay the same. Let me know if you figure out how to do it.
Check this one out... I am getting there.... but no matter what the other bars move.
I'll check and let you know. Thanks
Edward, you are a wizard. Nobody were able to get that far but still, the red bar is not where it should be and the other bars should stay in-sync, like they were before. Nothing should change, except the red bar's location. Let me know if you can solve the puzzle.
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Ejgil Hedegaard
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Hey Ejgil,

Man, I don't know what planet you are from but nobody could solve this problem except you. I give you A++++++++++++++++

Now, the challenge is if you could explain to me what you did step by step, cause I want to be able to recreate something like that, next time I need it.

Again, I really appreciate your work and your incredible knowledge in Excel area!
Edward, thanks a lot for your help as well!
I tried... but I am still waiting for the real wizard to let us know what he did.
Webinar is the only series on secondary axis, so it will show in the middle.
I added 2 series Dummy1 and Dummy2 and placed them before Webinar on the chart to push it or the right.
Then adjusted space and overlap to make it look correct.
Finally deleted them from the legend display, and adjusted the size of the legend.
You cheated! LOL!  Nice work!
Guys, you both did a great job!

At the end, the result is what matters and I'm satisfied with that result. I didn't set specific conditions on how it should be achieved. Both of you are very smart people and I respect it!
Steve, I am just teasing him, He did a great job!
I agree. Thanks Edward!