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SSL-VPN Solution

Hey Guys

Looking for a solid and reliable SSL-VPN solution (not a firewall). NO sonicwall.

Let me know what you guys recommend and why.
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we have been trying Pritunl, which is looking promising.
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Looking for more of a larger enterprise company solution.
It can support any size of company, however I also used Pulse Secure in my previously role (one of the largest full producing company with 30k+ employees), have a look at this if this suits your requirement.
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I need one from a major vendor please as i mentioned.
Pulse secure is a Juniper company. :)
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Dont want to use the vendor we have now (Sonicwall)
I got that, I was figuring most of your network equipment was from another major vendor. Like even though you have a Sonicwall, your switches were from a company like HP.