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Migration email from Entourage to AOL

Tomorrow morning i need to migrate emails form Entourage to the AOL account. I am not familiar with entourage.

I tried but i don't see the option to save e-mails, folders, contact in a PST file like i do in outlook.
I have also posted the question, but nobody has answered to it :(
how can i accomplish this ? Any advice please ?

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The closest I can come is this FAQ below which includes both AOL and Entourage. I do not see a direct conversion so you may have to move the Entourage Mail to Outlook (PST) and then go from Outlook to AOL
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Wow!! How can I accomplish this john? Please.
This is why no one answer to this question:)
Here is an Apple KB to move Entourage to Outlook.

Here is a an article to move Outlook to AOL

AOL is the main issue as it is not that common an email application.
So it will be easier if I can move their email to gmail for example rather than aol ?
Yes. easier to move to Gmail than AOL.
when i tried to export all the emails to something there was not option for PST file ?

do you know the steps ?
this is going to be very hard for me to do it ...
plus she doesn't have outlook installed
There is no direct method so far as I can see.

Save the Entourage data in a file and ask her to start Email fresh. Maybe there will be no need to convert.
When you say start an email fresh you mean gmail or yahoo instead of aol ?
Whichever email application the user wishes to use.
Ohh so without importing the data from the old entourage you mean...start completely new ?
Yes since the particular migration path is more difficult here
One more question because I want to explain clearly to my client. Why do you think import data in AOl is harder that in gmail or yahoo
Thank you John
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AOL has had IMAP available for a very long time now.

Are you transfering from another mail provider to AOL?
Check if Entourage has an IMAP setting and connect to AOL with IMAP, then drag and drop the old MAIL to AOL.

Is the user already using AOL?
You should check online at their web site if the user's mail is still there, assuming the user had set the system up with IMAP at some point.  If the user has POP set up and didn't set the "Leave Mail on Server", just create a new IMAP connection to AOL and copy the files from the POP account to IMAP.

If the user has a lot of old email, then it will take some time to upload no matter what you do.
John, after talking to you I shoed her how to copy the emails on her desktop first, then copy and paste them on the AOL email and emails them to herself.

she is happy with this soluiton.

thank you so much
Thank you for the update and I was happy to help.