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Modifying Robocopy script to migrate (move) from one drive to NFS share (retryable) ?

Hi People,

I'd like to ask some help from you to assist me in modifying the Robocopy script below:

Robocopy "D:\Passenger Details" "\\\Archive\" /S /E /ZB

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So that it can:

1. Move the files safely from D:\ Passenger Details directory into the NFS share \\\Archive\ with no data loss
2. The script is retriable so when I double click the script, it should move the remaining files that were added after I run the script
3. Move the files as fast as possible (because when I test run with the above script default MT:8, it takes 2 days+).
4. log the error code only if exist.

Thanks in advance.
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You can't speed up copying more than by using the multithreading option (many recommend to use /mt:32) and removing any restart option, that is don't use /zb.
You should be careful with \" as RoboCopy will read that as literal quote in some cases. Best to not end paths with a backslash.
Would the hardware allow for a faster copy? Source drive read speed, network bandwidth and destination drive write speed are limiting factors, as is the (in) efficiency of NFS; the lowest will detemine the maximum available speed.

BTW, you are aware that privileges are not transferred?
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Yes I'm aware that NTFS permission is not copied over.

Since I've copied over some stuff (1.3 millions files into the destination drive), now when I modify the script to use /MOVE /MT:32 it took ages to move the files over.
Above covers 1-3. 4 is not doable with RoboCopy itself if you want to be able to stop it anytime. All you can do is to append-log to a file without progress indicator, header, summary information, and then​ filter the log fie content for errors. Options are /log+:logfile.txt /njh /njs /np
/zb can slow down the restart.
As I see you did not use /Move - is this for test only? A move removes the need for most of the restart checks.
Initially, I did not use /MOVE but this time in production file server, I am using /MOVE /MT:32 /ZB parameter.

It took very long time to test copy the whole 1.7 TB file servers (2.3 millions) so I stop it and the go with the parameter above.
At full speed (100MB/s) 1.7 TB would need around 4.7 hours. At low speed (10MB/s) it are 47 hours = almost two days. Your times should lay between those.
As said now for the third time, remove the /ZB to speed up processing. It only makes sense if you have very large files, where a restart at nought would be catastrophic. Without, the incomplete file will be transferred again.
OK, I end up using the below script line as you suggest:

Robocopy "D:\Passenger Details" "\\\Archive" /MOVE /R:2 /MT:32 /log+:F:\TEMP\MOVElogfile.txt /njh /njs /np

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Because since last night, the copy process did not move or progressing at all with the /ZB command.
OK, this is very strange.

Robocopy "D:\Passenger Details" "\\\Archive\" /MOVE /R:2 /MT:32 /log+:E:\MOVElogfile.txt /njh /njs /np

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with the command above, when I leave it running over the weekend, there is nothing "moved" from the source directory D:\Passenger Details into the shared folder on my NAS "\\\Archive\" ?

I have manually move some of the data about 150 GB which is taking almost one working day myself, but why the Robocopy cannot emulate my Cut & Paste from Windows Explorer to the NAS drive?

I just need to move it off from D: drive by overwriting whatever in the destination NAS drive since my initial copy test.

This is the error logged in the file:

	  *EXTRA File 		 807.8 m	20164190497357-23.89358876.wav
	               1.0 m	D:\Passenger Details
	    New File  		   63694	201661631753136-21.92654663.wav

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There are about 3.2 millions of files that I need to Cut & Paste, but it takes too long time for me to wait for each Windows Explorer folder refresh everytime I select 50000+ files in single Cut & Paste session.
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Hi Qlemo,

So basically some of the files exist on the destination drives since I do the manual test last week.
But now, what's the best script parameter that I need to run to make sure that the data is Cut & Pasted from Source to the destination ?

Robocopy "D:\Passenger Details" "\\\Archive\" /MOVE /IS /COPYALL /R:2 /MT:32 /log+:E:\MOVElogfile.txt /njh /njs /np

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Use only one of /IS or /CopyAll. I would try the latter first.

Somehow the files do not moved over to the destination shared network drive.

Robocopy "D:\Passenger Details" "\\\Archive\" /MOVE /COPYALL /R:2 /MT:32 /log+:E:\MOVElogfile.txt /njh /njs /np

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Or is it because the script is still comparing the directory content ?
Did you look into the log file? Does RoboCopy still run?
It is still running.
If I cut & paste manually in one directory above ~512000 files, the Explorer crashed :-|

Hence I manually copy paste the files by 50000 every 2 hours.
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Hi Qlemo,
yes, I prefer to clean up the source directory as long as the data is moved over safely.

So the script become like:

Robocopy "D:\Passenger Details" "\\\Archive\" /MOVE /COPYALL /IS /XX /R:2 /MT:32 /log+:E:\MOVElogfile.txt /njh /njs /np

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Is that correct ?
I'm not certain for /CopyAll - it might freak out if not able to set permissions correctly on NFS. On the other hand, it should do no harm either.
Hi QLemo,

As at today, the directory that I wanted to migrate size is 435 GB (467,403,264,000 bytes) with the total count of 1,119,401 Files, 1 Folders, I cannot copy paste the whole directory as it crashed my Windows explorer.

Using the suggested Robocopy script below:
Robocopy "D:\Passenger Details" "\\\Archive" /MOVE /COPYALL /IS /XX /R:2 /MT:32 /log+:X:\TEMP\MOVElogfile.txt /njh /njs /np

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There is nothing moved over to the shared network drive over the past 48 hrs ?

However, I have modified the script with your Powershell trick to log the error:

$serverlog = "X:\TEMP\MOVElogfile.txt"
Robocopy "D:\Passenger Details" "\\\Archive" /MOVE /COPYALL /IS /XX /R:2 /MT:32 /log:X:\TEMP\MOVElogfile.txt
if ($LASTEXITCODE -ge 8)  # fatal / failed
  move-item X:\TEMP\MOVElogfile.txt $serverlog
} else {
  remove-item $serverlog -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

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Would that script above work ?
The script should work.
Are there folders? Those are not moved,, since we forgot to add the /S to traverse subfolders.
I cannot tell what happens, you need to see a difference very soon after starting RoboCopy ...
Can you try the same with a small subset of files, creating a folder plus one or two subfolders, and copy say 10 files into each, and then move those via NFS with RoboCopy?
Thanks !