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I need to Integrate Hubspot into my .asp application but don't know how to POST


I am a total beginner in Hubspot and JSON

My application has a landing page (.asp) where I have gathered all my client details and I now have to update Hubspot.

Looking at their manuals I guess I need to put all my variables in a <script> </script> like below:
  "properties": [
      "property": "email",
      "value": "test@hubspot.com"
      "property": "firstname",
      "value": "HubSpot"

firstly is this correct?

then I need to do a post with a command like:
Example POST URL:

secondly, how do I do this post in my .asp file to send the data?

Please can you help as I don't know where to start?  as Hubspot don't seem to want to get involved in any integrations.

Thanks Terry
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