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Excel VBA - scroll by Tick Count

I'm working on an 'animation' idea.
I have this data in an array. (loaded from a sheet)
User generated imageWhen run, and when the Tick Count is reached I want to ScrollColumn to the column shown.

Thanks for any ideas.

FYI: it will start when a button is clicked.
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Mike in IT
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Can you show the code that you currently have to get to the TickCount?

Once you reach it you could do something like:
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll ToRight:=1

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That will scroll 1 column to the right. So if you have columns  A - O showing it will scroll right and show B - P.
Without knowing what the rest of your code is there isn't much else I can help with.
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Mike, I have figured out the scrolling as, eg.
    ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 5

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My problem is, how can I get VBA procedure to 'listen' to the Tick Count and execute the above when each tick count is reached (the time as per the array or grid - see the image in my question) .

So, when Tick is 0354 this should execute
ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 2
So it will be something like a 'slide show'.

FYI: the code for the ticks is
Public Declare Function GetTickCount Lib "Kernel32" () As Long

    lngTime = GetTickCount()

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This works but I had to make the tick values much larger to be able to see the scrolling. You'd be better off using the clock time.

Note that the "array" is built into the code.

Option Explicit

Private Declare Function GetTickCount Lib "kernel32" () As Long
Sub ScrollByTick()
    Dim lngTicks As Long
    Dim lngIndex As Long
    Dim varrTicks As Variant
    Dim varrCols As Variant
    varrTicks = Array(1, 3540000, 5000000, 10000000)
    varrCols = Array(1, 2, 3, 4)
    Do Until lngTicks > varrTicks(UBound(varrTicks))
        lngTicks = lngTicks + 1
        For lngIndex = 0 To UBound(varrTicks)
            If lngTicks = varrTicks(lngIndex) Then
                ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = varrCols(lngIndex)
                Exit For
            End If

End Sub

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Martin, it works. Thanks.  I see that you're not using the GetTickCount API function. Let me explain why I was going in that direction.

My 'slide show' should advance to the next column (per array) when a precise time is reached. The 'time' is as per every 4 bars in a piece of music being played simultaneously - I would have got these times (in real-time or the wave) and put them into the array. The aim is, I intend to capture the 'slide show' and the audio by screen recording.

So, I'm thinking
lngTicks = lngTicks + 1 

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would go at a speed that cannot be controlled.

I'm hoping GetTickCount would have a precise time. Am I right in thinking that?
I see that you're not using the GetTickCount API function
You're right! I meant to. Be back in a bit.
The problem is that when actually using GetTickCount I think that the ticks will go faster than the code so it will be hard to react to it when it is exactly one of the values in the array.
See my How to time code article.
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Martin Liss
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