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P2V Vmware Converter

First, I simply wanted to do a P2V from a remote site to our local vmware ESXi vsphere.
As the network is too bad, I couldn't use directly vmware converter from the physical machine to the ESXi.

I thought the simplest solution was to use VMWARE CONVERTER v6 to do a P2V on a external HDD.
I had to select convert to VMWARE workstation to do it.
it has given me 3 files: 1 vmx and 2 vmdk.

once HDD received, I tried our local vmware converter again to import those file in the vsphere ESXI.

When i tried to use again vmware converter I got an error:
FAILED: An error occurred during the conversion:
'A file error was encountered'
Error: Unable to clone disk D:\SERVERNAME\SERVERNAME.vmdk on the virtual machine 'SERVERNAME'

I also tried to upload the files on a vmware datastore and then import the files in a new VM but i go following error:
Failed to open disk scsi:0:0. Unsupported and/or invalid disk type 7.

i tried convert with vmkfstools but error:
Clone: 100% done.
Failed to clone disk: Bad file descriptor (589833).
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