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Cannot create 365 Migration Endpoint


Absolutely stuck here.  I'm trying to migrate email from a 2011 SBS Exchange server into 365 using Cutover migration.  Have done this a few times in the past for other organisations and mostly it's "just worked" but I'm struggling with this one.

When I try to create a new migration endpoint within Office 365 Exchange Admin using the wizard I enter the email address, domain\username and password of the main domain admin account then click next.  I then get an error saying "We couldn't detect your server settings. Please enter them".  

I've run Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer as suggested and got the following results:

Exchange ActiveSync - Connectivity Test Successful
Exchange ActiveSync Autodiscover - Connectivity Test Successful
Outlook Connectivity - Failed on Testing the MAPI Referral service on the Exchange Server The attempt to ping the endpoint failed
Outlook Autodiscover - Connectivity Test Successful

I've tried manually adding the server details in the next step as follows:

Exchange server: internalservername.internaldomain.local
RPC proxy server: remote.externaldomain.com (same as OWA address)

I then get "error The identifier name cannot be processed due to the inability to differentiate between the following enumerator names: Basic, Digest, Ntlm, Fba, WindowsIntegrated, LiveIdFba,LiveIdBasic, WSSecurity, Certificate, NegoEx, Oauth, Adfs, Kerboros, Negotiate, LiveIdNegotiate, Misconfigured. Try a more specific identifier name.

I've tried selecting basic authentication and domain admin but then get "error We weren't able to connect to the remote server.  Please verify that the migration endpoint settings are correct and your certificate is valid" (it is!)

I've also run the following commend line in Exchange Online in Powershell and it comes up as successful:

Test-MigrationServerAvailability -Credentials $pscred -ExchangeOutlookAnywhere -ExchangeServer servername.internaldomainname.local -RPCProxyServer remote.externaldomain.com -Authentication Basic -EmailAddress admin@externaldomain.com

Would really appreciate some help with this



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