Can't change Woocommerce checkout select boxes, white on white text.

rodneygray used Ask the Experts™
I've been trying for 2 days to change the color of the font inside the State/Country dropdown boxes but no matter what I do it stays white/white unless I change the main body font. I've tried every class/element selector I can find and they still do not override the main body font color.
WhiteTextScreenshot.PNGHere is the page:
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Christina over at Stackoverflow was able to answer it very well for me.

Option can't be styled with css. WooCommerce uses jQuery for selects.

.select2-container--default li {
  color: #444444;

.select2-container--default li:hover,
.select2-container--default li:focus,
.select2-container--default li:active {
  color: #fff;

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You may have to add !important on both (example: color: #444!important;) or use greater specificity or put this CSS after all other css as long as the specificity is the same.

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