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Mike Satterfield

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VBscript to sort a CSV fille

I need a to automate the soriting of a CSV file (with headers.)

I need it to first sort by colum 2 and then reverse sort by colum J.
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Bill Prew

No easy sorting in VBscript, why not just open it in Excel and do the sort there, then save back out as a CSV?

If you really need a command line capability then here is a nice freeware utility I have used:

And of course Powershell can do this quite easily as well:

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this will be part of an automated process.. thats why i'm looking for a commandline solution.

Can sort it with powershell, Thank you for the link.  but i am not able to reverse sort for the 10th coloum.
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Bill Prew

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That worked Great!.

Thank you!