Triple line in an alert message

Whing Dela Cruz
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Hi experts, How to correct codes below? I want to have 3 lines in an alert message. Thank you!

<!Doctype Html>
<button onclick="iGo()">Try</button>

function iGo()
  var m = "Monkey";
  var e = "Eagle";
  alert(m <br/> + "eating" <br/> + e);

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alert(m + "\neating\n" + e);

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It's working thank you, Lee Savidge!
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Referring back to your other question

If the output is going to a destination that renders HTML (and the output is not in <pre></pre> tags) then use <br/> for line breaks.

For text based output (Alert, console, command line etc) use \n


Thank you Julian, I've got it!

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