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Dell Compellent vs. EMC Unity

Greetings Experts!
My vendor and support consultants have recommended an EMC Unity 300 storage unit, in lieu of my original request for a Compellent vcs2020.   According to them, the Unity comes with "many more enterprise level features," and caters more to a virualized environment.  Other than that, I didn't get many specifics on the differences between Compellent and Unity.  Could any of you experts chime in as to your experience with this/these product(s), specifically, what the Unity's special features are?  

A little context:
We run a simple 3-2-1 environment, where a cluster of hosts communicate through 2 switches to our shared storage array.  Ultimatley, we will be replicating data to an identical environment at a remote office, across the country.  

One more tidbit: our vendor has configured a Unity entirely with SAS drives, presumably to keep the cost closer to the original Compellent specs.  However, most of the value I see marketed on Dell-EMC's website has to do with Unity's flash capabilities.  If I'm not utilizing flash, is Unity a waste of resources?

All thoughts welcome... I realize that my situation is specific and may not mirror yours, but I'm looking for more info on the comparisons between small business leveraging of either Compellent or EMC Unity.  Thanks!!!
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