populate value based on what is selected in lov

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hi am in form 11g i have lov which got list of tables in database i what to select table name and populate table details tables got diffirent number of column and diffirent description

         enter AccccNr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx user enter account number
             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lov user will select table which got acccount detail
             then account detail will be populated i hear
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HuaMin ChenProblem resolver

The LOV can also be referring one view existing in the database. But before this, you should have tuned the view to be with the exact columns/details you want.
Database Administrator
An LOV in Oracle Forms can provide a list of values that the user can select a single value from.  The Form can then copy this value into a single field in the form.  It sounds like you are trying to then have the form do something else automatically based on the value the user selected.  But, we don't understand what else you want the form to do.

What kind of "account  detail" do you expect the form to populate based on the user choosing a table name?

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