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locate sql commands in C# visual studio Project

Hello ,

I have not worked with VS before (Ever) and I really need your help. I have a website project that is opened in VS2015, my question is: If I want to change any database table and Split that table to normalize it to higher normal form, how do I locate the lines of code that needed to be changed and the SQL commands that retrieve, insert or update data in this specific table in order to change them .
For Example : If I split table Customer to two tables in the database Female-Customer and Male-Customer, how do I know or locate the lines of code and the sql commands related to table Customer that needed to be changed ??

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Mashael albarak

8/22/2022 - Mon

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Mashael albarak

Where exactly should i search in which file ??
Where should i press the Ctrl F

When you have the solution opened in VS just press the ctrl key and F simultaneously.  Then search the entire solution.  You will see all instances of what you want to search for filtered by the options you select.
Mashael albarak

I forgot to mention that my project is a website , so your solution will locate all the lines of code in classes and methods and procedures that has the Customer table name that I need to change  ??
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William Peck

It will search all files within the solution.
You can modify it for example to search all files within a folder (with subfolders) or a selection of folders....  The search function is very powerful and allows a number of filters.  Just be very careful about a find/replace and performing the replace without user confirmation - that can lead to a big mess if you made a mistake in your criteria.
Mashael albarak

thank you very much I will try this