help thx

I must create PHP CLASS USER with this values : id, first_name, last_name, age. Class must have: constructor of class Method that returns the name of the user Method that returns a boolean value about user age validation can you help me? Thanks
Boncz SzilardAsked:
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Julian HansenCommented:
Here is a sample
class user
  protected $id;
  protected $first_name;
  protected $last_name;
  protected $age;

  public function __construct($id, $first_name, $last_name, $age)
    $this->id = $id;
    $this->first_name = $first_name;   
    $this->last_name = $last_name;
    $this->age = $age;
  public function getFirstName()
    return $this->first_name;

  public function isAgeValid()
      return ($this->age > 1 && $this->age < 99);

$person = new User(1, 'Fred', 'Smith', 21);
echo "Hello " . $person->getFirstName();
If (!$person->isAgeValid()) {
  echo "Please can I see some ID";

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Boncz SzilardAuthor Commented:
Thank you
Julian HansenCommented:
@Boncz, I see you are a new addition to the EE community apologies for not welcoming you earlier.

It appears from your last comment that you are happy with the solution. If you have received an answer to your question the next step is to close the question. You can do this by clicking the button "Assisted Solution" (if you think more than one answer is valid - not really an option in this case - but for future reference) and "Best Solution" for the answer that best answers the question. If only one post answers the question then simply click "Best Solution" on that answer and follow the wizard.

Look forward to seeing more of you on the forums
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Boncz SzilardAuthor Commented:
Ahhh sorrry thx
Julian HansenCommented:
No problem - but could I ask you to grade it again. At EE we try to make questions useful to the next person who comes along - so the accepted answer needs to relate to the question. If you could rather accept the first comment as it relates to the question - that would be great.

Boncz SzilardAuthor Commented:
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