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Bruce Gust
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I've got a project where the proposed pulldown menus are SVG graphics. In Microsoft Edge, they work fine, but in IE11 they're dimensions are exaggerated to the point where they look like a great, big mistake.

I've found some things on the internet that suggest that these two dynamics don't play very well together, but I wanted to throw this out to see if anyone knows of a "fix" that I might utilize. It's not a big deal to use something else, but I wanted to ensure that I wasn't overlooking something that would solve the problem.

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I'm assuming you are using them as background images. We've had similar issues here with SVGs in IE11. If I provide a background-size: 100% auto; it seems to clear up.
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Thanks, Ryan! I'm working on a code evaluation for a potential employer. I'm going to punt the SVG thing and justify it by saying I had some compliance issues with IE11.

Thanks for the reinforcement.

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