Virtual Machine Backup in Windows Server 2016

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  I read some good things about Server Backup in Window Server 2016. Notably being able to backup virtual machines incrementally and does not have 2TB size limitation anymore. With USB 3 ports that come with on new server boxes, are there compelling reasons why we should NOT use Windows Server Backup in W2016 and go with other commercial backup software such as Altaro or Nakivo?

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Like assessing any tool, start with a let of wants and needs. Have Moe than one server and want to manage from s single "pane of glass?"  Do gout need fine grained media control (grandfather/father/son with protected minimum age rotation)? Do you need automated monitoring and reporting? Or will a sysadmin log in and check the backup tool each run?  these are some considerations that may or may not steer you from WSB.
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I find some 3rd party backups are a lot more flexible and granular.  For example, if your server is also an Exchange server then some third party backup will allow you to restore a single mailbox or email with specific add-on where the Windows backup cannot do this.
Igor SHead of Support
Windows Server backup has less capabilities.
As I work with CloudBerry Backup, I know that its image-based backup has the following advantages over Windows Server Bare Metal backup:
- Ability to restore to dissimilar hardware via bootable USB/ISO
- Ability to restore as VMWare/Hyper-V/Amazon EC2/Azure VM
- Backs up to cloud without need for any intermediate storage
- Abilities to exclude certain files/folders and choose partitions


" some third party backup will allow you to restore a single mailbox" --> what is the backup software name?
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sglee, the specific product I was referring to is Acronis Backup Advanced.

However, it's a bit expensive but it's what I regularly use.  There are other backup software such as Backup Assist that can do the same for cheaper.

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