Citrix XenDesktop environment needs print drivers updated daily

Matt Hentrich
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Got a new Citrix 7.9 PVS environment up and running with random pooled VMs.  Everything works great, and we set up GPOs so that users could install their own printers, and all of that works swell the first time.  The user logs in, adds their network printer (on a print server), prints all day, happy times.

Then, the next morning (or after they log off/back on), their printer is still mapped but it shows 'Printer: Needs new driver'.  If you choose update driver, it will go through the driver install again (pulling from the Print Server), but it doesn't solve the problem.  What does solve the problem is to remove and add the printer again.  Then, again, happy times until the user logs off and back on.

What's the deal?  My gut is telling me that the drivers are being stored somewhere on the OS drive for the remainder of the session, then the user logs off and the VM is recycled so the driver is no longer there during their next session.  But if that's the case, does that mean I have to pre-install every driver that a user might ever use on the master image?

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Just out of interest, why do you let your users setup their own printers??

Normally in my customers environments we only allow auto create printers with UPD enabled. Also I normally install the printer vendors supported printer driver and then map the printers required to their users via a Session Printer Policy.


We have our reasons for doing it this way.  So, anyone have any ideas for solving the problem I described?
I've figured this out.  Uninstall KB3170455.


I figured the solution out through testing.

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