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T-SQL Import data in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio using INSERT

Hello expert,
I work for a healthcare company so we have old tools, SSMS ver 9 and SQL Server 2005.
Have question open on a similar topic and will close that question if I can get an answer that works.
While I was waiting I figured I would try importing  the data into the table using the old fashion method: INSERT
The syntax was derived from
and this script was written

 USE TempData;
 INSERT INTO SFA.tempCrossInsurance
 VALUES (377332, 'City of Auburn', 'Injury Care', 1832030, 207120, '', 98, 'Maine',1269046021)

This works and inserts the values. But I need more than one row so following
the example this was tried

USE TempData;
 INSERT INTO SFA.tempCrossInsurance
 VALUES (377332, 'City of Auburn', 'Injury Care', 1832030, 207120, '', 98, 'Maine',1269046021),
(288461, 'Lepage Bakeries', 'Injury Care',      1347245, 207119,'', 104, 'Rhode Island', 1259048689)

This returns
Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 2
Incorrect syntax near ','.

Not very meaningful. I think the comma in the message is the one at the  end of the first group of values.
Also tried stringing the values out into a single line and several other variations such
as removing the comma between the groups of values.

I have studied the example for some time
but I don't see a difference between my script and the example.

Any idea why it is complaining about the comma?


Allen in Dallas
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What format is the data in?
Bcp is a command available or use bulk insert

Look at a Dts to load/import the data.
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