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Hi Guys,
I've updated Google Chrome on our Citrix images, it has been updated to the latest v57 version. For some bizarre reason every time a user opens Google Chrome they get a page that opens by default saying "Welcome to Chrome, please sign in".

I've got Google Chrome settings in a GPO applied to the server (Computer Config) to open our intranet only. I've also installed Chrome with a Master Preferences File (Please see below for contents).

{ "homepage_is_newtabpage" : true, "browser" : { "show_home_button" : true, "check_default_browser" : false }, "bookmark_bar" : { "show_on_all_tabs" : true }, "distribution" : { "msi" : true, "system_level" : true, "verbose_logging" : true, "suppress_first_run_bubble" : true, "skip_first_run_ui" : true, "show_welcome_page" : false, "import_search_engine" : false, "import_history" : false, "create_all_shortcuts" : false,
"do_not_launch_chrome" : true, "make_chrome_default" : false }, "first_run_tabs" : [ "welcome_page", "new_tab_page" ] }

Any ideas how I stop this annoying page from coming up??
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You need to push the SyncDiasbled registry key which will suppress the welcome to chrome tab:
Found it here:!topic/chrome/qI4c4KJZICA

Alternatively, if you want to handle this via Group Policy, download the updated Chrome ADMX templates and do it that way.  Depending on the number of machines you want to apply this to, this may be easier.  Plus, there may be some settings in here you would want to apply as well to lock down the browser further for end users.
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