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Hi Experts

My client is currently running a hybrid organization Azure- OnPrem , and they are interconnected via Express Route.

They want to setup self-service password reset, and the process is pretty straightforward, however we need to present the client, how Azure password reset works, and all steps involved, either in a power point presentation or Visio.

I am engaging you, to answer following questions.

Define the process of self service password reset In Azure? I meant, when since the user go to browser, and enter

How many steps are involved from a user prospective and in background? Please, elaborate each answer

What is the flow of changing password from ?

I am not looking for articles in how to setup password write back in Azure, and define the security questions or authentication methods. Please, provide as much details as you can, and not a simple copy paste from Azure docs

Thanks in advance
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once you set it up the number of steps vary according to your setup. The basics start once the user has entered their account name and solved the captcha. Then the site checks to ensure that the users account is setup for password reset, if not the user has the option of contacting the administrator the admin will receive an email not enabled. If enabled then the # of steps depend upon your settings. Try it and set things up, adjust as desired


Thanks David,

Can you please provide all additional steps as per your experience?
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The process is easy if you already have opened required network ports and URLs from client and Azure AD Connect server
If not 1st do that, ensure from AD connect server full and direct internet access is allowed along with name resolution, else scenario would not work as expected

from user perspective only 4 steps are involved

1 go to password reset URL (either by forget password link on Azure / O365 or directly heating password reset URL)
2 Register or verify for SSPR - this is one time task (if you enter user auth phone info through AD connect, user still need to verify his number once
3 Azure will verify user identity by sending OTP / Call / asking security question depending upon set options
4 Once verified, azure will present reset option to user and user would be able to reset his AD password

The below link contains PPT you looking for

If you are interested in actual back end flow, I am not able to get the article now, its missing
you don't have to publish any server on internet for this scenario to work
The all steps are mentioned below

Apart from above you have to have Azure AD premium license assigned to user for SSPR to work

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thanks Mahes,

the link is broken

By Any chances, can you please upload the PPT file to this post?
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The link is working and am still able to download PPT

Check from your end if any issue with IE, download is not blocked etc, else download it from Google Chrome browser
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Here is the link again and it works on all browsers that I've tried

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