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Pass SQL to JSON. Page is in classic ASP and using Jquery

I have a page (ASP classic) which has a recordset with data.

recordset name:  rs_contact
field1:  FName
field2: LName
field3: email

This is the first time I will be doing this so a good explanation would be very much appreciated.
I need to pass this data to a JSON format so that I can the post it to an URL (to be used by an API)

The page is in classic ASP. The data I need to pass is in the format below. This considering I only got one result in my recordset and the values returned are:

FirstNm = 'Aleks'
LastNm = 'Demo'
email = ''

Those values somehow need to be turned into this JSON
We have to consider there may be more than one result from the recordset, another set of values would be:



This is the JSON file example I have to create:

  "first_name": "Aleks",
  "last_name": "Demo",
  "email_addresses": [
      "email_address": ""

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Once this is created I need to post the data to an URL that is also stored in a recordset.

The URL will require a token as parameter, so I need to pass 2 parameters, the first part is the URL and the second is the token.

something like: https://<%=url("value")%>?token?<%=token("value")%>



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We can break this down in those two parts. One is taking the recordset info and converting it into JSON.  And the second part is posting this JSON to the URL.
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Excellent source!   I will look closely at the original code and replace with the JSON code you provided.
Thank you!
You are welcome.