replacing inline javascript with jquery

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im relaxing the inline javascript by jquery.
I have attached two files one is having code with inline javascript.
The other file is having code with the jquery.

I want to verify if the query i have written is correct and would work as expected.
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greetings Newton21205 , , , the code in your javascript is way too OLD, and out of date, as you have tests for things that in year 2017, that do not even exist any more -

        else if (navigator.appName=="Netscape"){

these tests for "Netscape" are not valid, as "Netscape" no longer exists, , . .

In my view, Your best bet is to abandon that old javascript code, and start over with code that is more current, and corresponds to the HTML and Javascript standards used in browsers today.

Also, you can use non-Jquery, plain javascript to eliminate the "Inline" HTML javascript used.
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Also your code seems incomplete - as you have it it does not make sense. You have script that refers to checkboxes in MainForm but the checkboxes exist outside of any form - there is also "onlick" code wandering about by itself outside of an element.
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This is also not correct

$('#setform').on('onclick', function(){  

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should be

$('#setform').on('click', function(){  

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There is no need to prefix the javascript: label in handlers and you really should assign them unobtrusively using the jQuery you now want to use.

$("[name='qrytype']").on("click",function() {

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<input type="radio" name="qrytype" data-key="keystore".... />


<div class="key" id="keystore" ...>



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