Group Policy Mapping network drives

We have network drives maped via group policy. I want to change that and just run a simple logon script for all users so that they would get the same netowrk drives. I did not not put in the Network dirves being maped by gorup policy . The previous IT engineer did   . Would they go away by  simply by turning them off and and instead using .bat file in active directory under profiles.  I am doing this since it's simpler to manage for me. Is the Group Policy way a better way of doing this. We have about 80 workstation and 5 mapped drives that users can access based on the groups the belong to. My idea is to map all network drives to all users. That way the users that don't have access to any of the files within the drivers, they will simply get an access denied when they click on them.
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If you already have group policy in place to handle drive mappings you should leave it that way. That said, if you're more comfortable with a logon script, then there's no one stopping you. MS would recommend group policy these days for tasks like drive mappings at logon. If you're looking at writing a logon script. Batch files are the ancient past, VBScript is the past, and PowerShell is the now and foreseeable future of logon scripts.
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Group policy preferences has been the preferred method  since Server 2008 for many of the old school scripting methods. If GPP cannot handle the job then scripting is the way to go.

I recommend migrating many of your scripts to GPP if possible. It is much easier to manage and teach others.

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I'm not really sure how you picked this answer. The OP is already using GPP, he wants to move away from using it. The answer you have picked is someone telling him to move from scripting to GPP (which the OP as I've said before is already using). Both posts recommend using GPP over scripting as it is MS best practice. By my assessment the OP isn't looking for a lesson in using GPP but rather a recommendation on whether GPP or scripting is the way to go, which I would say we both suggest GPP over scripting. Anyway, I'm just interested in how you chose the 2nd answer over the first when they both say the same thing.
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