How do I make a database in Microsoft Access 2016, with the Same Fields but with Different Data?

I am trying to make a small database in MS Access for a Gas Station, where I need to store data for every Single Fuel Dispenser's Current and Previous Readings. Which will then subtract Previous Reading from Current Reading and Calculate the Sales on a Given Rate. There are 4 Fuel Dispensers Installed on the Gas Station and every dispenser has 2 nozzles. I have Created 1 table for each Nozzle. Now I have a total of 8 tables with these fields (ID, Date, Rate, Current Reading, Previous Reading, Total Sale, Credit Sale, Cash Sale, Total Amount, Discount and Description).

I also want to make Forms so that the User can enter the data from the Forms for each Nozzle. Can someone please help me with this? I have been trying it for the last four days and I am still stuck and cannot go further.

NOTE: For each nozzle the readings will be Different.
Javed BalochAsked:
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I have Created 1 table for each Nozzle.
That's not the right way to structure this. You should have a single "Nozzle" table, and then a "Transaction" table:


TransactionType (cash or credit)

You will almost certainly have to flesh those out a bit, but with a structure like this you'd have 8 records in the tblNozzle table, and each time a "transaction" is performed, you'd add a record in tblTransactions. You could then query tblTransactions to determine the total amount of sales in a given date period, the cumulative "readings" for that period, etc.

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Javed BalochAuthor Commented:
Thanks a Lot Scott This really helped me solve my problem
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