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100 cpu svchost.exe and strange process explorer results

My laptop is running at 100% cpu even before I load any applications. I have done the basics and done full spyware and malware scans... and disabled anything I wasnt sure of for startup in mscofig... done reboots etc and still it persists... i have downloaded sysinternals 'process explorer' and it does show a svchost.exe process 'tree' fluctuating betweem 90 and 96%. When u click the plus sign it shows wuauclt.exe and also taskeng.exe... but neither are using even 1 % of cpu according to process explorer... i tried to kill the process tree in process explorer and it gives 'error opening taskeng.exe...access is denied'... user account is a local admin
 Any views on what could be going on and how to resolve? It is windows 7 64 bit. It has a 'PID' of 824.
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