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Battery Backup unit (Cyberpower CPS1500AVR) Battery Testing

Hello All;

My backup unit keeps running the fans like it is running on Battery.
It does this about every 30 minutes or so.
It started doing this a few days ago.

I disconnected all equipment from it, except the following:

1 PC
1 Monitor
1 Modem
1 Router
1 Switch

Unplugged the Backup unit, and the above devices took the backup unit down in 8 minutes.
This used to take about 20-30+ minutes to take it down.

I took the battery tray out and tested the batteries, and these are the readings I received.

1 - 13.41
2 - 13.44
3 - 13.65
4 - 12.30

Any thoughts on these readings, on rather they are good or not?
Thanks, All;

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8/22/2022 - Mon