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treeview in excel with parent & child nodes

hi I need help to create a treelist/view in my attached workbook.

sht 1 - I have entered some data that the treeview needs to be linked to
sht 2 - is where the treeview needs to be created
- on this sht2 the default view of the treeview will show only row 2, then each row after that will be individual nodes.
- the search box on top is where I need to enter search criteria either text or numeric values or a combination of both
- once a search criteria is entered, the treeview needs to show a fully expandable treeview not just the search text value
- the search box must show how many items have been found as for example "3 items found" and these 3 items must be shown on the treeview fully expandable from row 2-7 so I can track where it has come from in the data
- the treeview needs to be done in such a way that the entries in the data sheet are unlimited so that I can add as many rows as I need to
- it needs to be operational in excel versions 2007 onwards
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