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Password recovery 2950 is Deleting configuration Why

I am using " Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco Catalyst Fixed Configuration Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switches"
And after I reset the username and password, then go into config t - all of the changes from my original config.text is not there
its all wiped out.  Why ????   isn't this process only suppose to affect the username and password. ??

config t                                                                    

username admin33 privilege 15 password Cisco45  : I substitute this for enable secret and enable password.  

line vty 0 15
login local

line con 0
login local
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The process does not do so automatically, are you saving the existing configuration as one of your steps.

The password is part of the configuration file, so once you restart and run flash_init and load_helper you then need to save the config.text on flash, for example rename flash:config.text flash:config.old.  Then you can just rename it back by copy flash:config.old flash:running-config and reset the password to something you know.

Here is the cisco link and steps:
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After doing this on a Cisco 2950 switch. I figured out what the process does. The Cisco document is a process of steps that stops the prompting of the original username and password You may have forgotten or lost. And then give the technician at the console the ability to enter into Config t mode aka global configuration mode the ability to enter a username and password you have document and know.

switch#copy flash:config.text system:running−config   After the original config.text gets copy Back into memory - There will be no username or pw.
switch#show run  : You will here the contents of your original config.text. The next step will allow you to enter into Config t
Config t
enable secret Cisco34
username admin43 privilege 15 secret Cisco65
wr or copy run config
reload   After your reload you will now be able to login to switch with a Username and Password  You Know and Do Not Forget.
You helped thanks
Good.  The process takes you back to default, but the config is still present, so when you copy it back in your in enable mode and can change the password.  If you just copied it and logged out  you would be back to square one and not be able to logon again.
I already tried it and it for Not do that. Bryant. You are working with the same config.text, and entering additional username and password you now have documented. And if you do a show run you will see the original contents
show run is irrelevant.