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Kelly Garcia
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Hi All,

I want to get my self into Devops, I am seeing a lot of jobs in this field. where do I start?

I already have intermediate powershell skills, also a Microsoft windows, etc background.

please can someone advise where I need to start.

thank you in advance.
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I would say I'm on the same slow migration path.

So what do you need to learn? That's difficult to answer, and one made real by attempting to define this in terms of job roles, devops is a philosophy after all.

It is clear that devops roles (in London at least) advertise using the same old criteria that every job has since I started working. There are a bunch of technologies, you're expected to know which buttons to press while the less imaginative stick strictly with "have you done this before? Where is it on your CV?".

Tooling might include those often present in a CI/CD pipeline, such as:

Source Control: Git, perhaps TFS. There are others, these two seem most popular at the moment.
Build servers: AppVeyor, Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo
Deployment servers: Octopus Deploy (can't think of any others right now)

More often than not they also include Azure or AWS (in that order for MS stack) as a deployment target.

You may find orchestration tooling in there too, Puppet and Chef sit at the top of those chains. PowerShell DSC isn't orchestration, but it still comes up occasionally.

Finally, Agile. Learn a bit about it if you haven't already, because most places running devops teams also expect you to work in this framework. There are likely to be stand-ups, scrums and someone will have a kanban kicking around.

Be prepared that if you go for roles with an automation focus you'll need what amounts to a portfolio, and you can almost certainly expect to have to complete tests.

How deep the hole goes, how much of everything you need to know depends on how senior you expect to be on the other side of the non-existent fence.

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