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Linking Fields Between Pages In Visio

Is it possible in Visio to link blocks of data in Visio so that if I fill a field of information in one page it is automatically filled in another page located on a different tab in the workbook? This would be similar to what you can do in excel. Right now I am typing in the information on my main page and then duplicating the exact same information on two other pages. This is not very efficient.
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Dave Goodfellow


Maybe using the word "Link" wasn't the correct way to describe my issue. I don't want to create a hyperlink. I want to type a word in a block on one page and have it automatically duplicated into other blocks on other pages. Like in Excel where you can type something in one page and program it to then fill other other pages automatically because those pages have fields that are linked to the field on the first page where you typed the information.
Do you mean to replication? whatever you type in one page it should come in another one ?
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Will give it a try, thanks Scott.
You're welcome, and let me know if you have any questions along the way.
Hey, Dave -- did you have a chance to experiment with creating the data links you need? No problem if not, but the automated software at EE is trying to close this question so i thought I'd post this comment to keep it open a bit longer.
Have not had a chance yet. I'll copy what is here so I can try at a later date and not lose the suggestions.
If you have questions when you do have a chance to test, come on back here and fire away.