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Firefox seems to have largely removed the ability to use PDF viewer plug-ins in version 52, forcing users to use Firefox's built-in PDF viewer.

Regrettably, their built-in viewer is about 15 years behind a normal PDF viewer. It has no option to set the scaling when you print. It has no option to auto-rotate PDF's so you have to select either portrait or landscape via printer properties (buried a few levels deep). And, to make things worse, its default settings for orientation and scaling vary from PC to PC.

I've had limited success using "Open in Acrobat Reader" (which used to work fine). But that is intermittent. It only works on some PC's, it creates blank tabs in Firefox (which is frustrating for users who open a lot of PDF's), etc.

Has anyone found a trustworthy way to open PDF's in a decent PDF viewer from Firefox 52?

Thanks in advance!
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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.

Both experts offered solutions to the problem.

Note that dbrunton's solution does work with modern versions of Firefox.  Can't comment on whether Ayoub Rouzi's solution does or whether it is only for older versions.

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