Building JSON Results Table FROM DB

I want to take a page like this and create a JSON table so users could look up finishers based on one or more of the following search fields:
1) First Name
2) Last Name
3) Gender
4) Age
5) Bib
6) Race Participating in

All of these fields are in a sql server db will require a JOIN of three tables.

1) Participant (First, Last, Gender) joined by ParticipantID to
2)  PartRace (Bib, Age) joined by RaceID to
3) RaceData (Race Entered)

Let me know what else I need to tell you to purt this together.
Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAsked:
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Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAuthor Commented:
Oops....that should have said I want a JSON page...
Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
have a look at aspJSON, it's a classic asp library that'll allow you to load data from the database and convert it to a json formatted string with one line of code

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Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
my pleasure, let me know if you have any questions on it, as I've used it a bunch in my projects
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
How are you calling your C# method which returns the results?  And what is that method's signature?

For example, if you use AJAX from your View to call a method in your controller, you can return JSON by using the following pattern:

public JsonResult MyMethod()
    return Json(myObject);

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The JsonResult class is part of the System.Web.Mvc library.
Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
@Megan -that is for asp .net, and not classic asp which is what the OP asked for.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
@Big Monty - I must have missed the "classic" ASP.  Where is that indicated?
Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeCommented:
the tag "ASP" technically refers to classic ASP, or Active Server Pages. People sometime mistake regular ASP (which is the industry standard term) for ASP .NET
Bob SchneiderCo-OwnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, both of you!
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