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Kevin Buckland
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I'm trying to get a formula that looks up the date in that column and compares it to a list of holidays. If there's a holiday I want it to report the holiday name.  If there isn't a holiday then I just want it to lookup and report the day (e.g., Monday).  

I'm having a problem getting it right when the date is a holiday. For instance, 4/14/17 is a holiday (Good Friday) so I want it to report "Good Friday" but it's reporting FALSE.  I think I don't have enough arguments in the formula for when it doesn't find the current date in the holiday list.  

See example attached, cell P66.

Thank you
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You can use below formula in C2 and drag around the columns.
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Works great - way more straightforward than the approach I was using. Thanks!!
ShumsManaging Director/Excel VBA Developer
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Hi Kevin,

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