Replacing an Access Error with a Custom Message

Could someone help me write an error handler please?  I feel like I've tried every which way and I'm just not getting the code right.

I have a button on a form that calls a Sub

Sub cmdSearch_Click
     Call Search
End Sub

Sub Search ()
    Dim strCriteria, ... ... ...
'''---lotsa code---
task = "select * from [qryFinancialsByMonth2] where (" & strCriteria & ")"
    Me.FilterOn = True
    DoCmd.ApplyFilter task
End Sub

If the strCriteria is blank when the task filter is applied, then Access says "Run-time error 3075, Syntax error missing operator in query expression..."

I'd like to replace that MsgBox with one saying "Please select at least one criteria for the search." with a simple OK button to click.

As I said, I've tried several different things.  I'm not sure any of them are worth posting.  But here's one of them:
On Error GoTo Error_Search

If IsNull strCriteria Then
MsgBox "Please select at least one criteria to search for.", vbOKOnly
End If
Exit Sub
If Err.Number = 3075 Then
Resume Exit_Sub
End If 
End Sub

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Much appreciate any help.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
do this

if  strCriteria  & ""="" then  'nothing was selected
   msgbox "Please select at least one criteria for the search.", vbOKOnly
   exit sub
   task = "select * from [qryFinancialsByMonth2] where (" & strCriteria & ")"
    Me.FilterOn = True
     DoCmd.ApplyFilter task

end if

end sub

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fabi2004CIOAuthor Commented:
Rey, that was fast!!!  Thank you so much!  I never hit on the right one.  I really appreciate your help.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
you are welcome!
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