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Trying to find a way to convert a list of time  values in Zulu to local time.  Column B has a list of values 01Z, 02Z, 03Z, etc... down to row 20.  I need in Column C and D to convert the time over to local time.  It would subtract the value from cell G1 from Zulu time and put the numeric digit in Column C and either PM or AM in Column D.  I have attached an example.
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ShumsExcel & VBA ExpertCommented:
Hi Sandra,

It won't be possible with just single formula.
First formula extracting numeric values from Col B and converting them into Time Format in E2
=TIME(TRUNC(ABS(LEFT(B2,1))),(ABS(LEFT(B2,1))+12 -TRUNC(ABS(LEFT(B2,1))))*60,0)

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Assuming your Hour Difference to GMT is +8, I have added another column F to have Hour Difference, again I will convert Hour difference to Time Format in G2 with below formula:
=TIME(TRUNC(ABS(F2)),(ABS(F2) -TRUNC(ABS(F2)))*60,0)

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Final result in H2 with below formula:
=IF(ISERROR(F2),"Unknown TimeZone", IF(F2<0,IF(E2<G2,E2-G2+2*TIME(12,0,0),E2-G2),E2+G2))

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Change the Col H format to hh:mm AM/PM
Zulu Time ConversionIf you just want numeric values then use below formula, change Left function as per first two digits:

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Zulu Time ConversionHope this helps...
I tweaked as per your requirement from here
Hello Sandra

Please chk the file attached value you request is in Col I or the Yellow column.
Here is the formula based on the values you have put in the respective columns

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This is the formula in I1 and drag down.


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sandramacAuthor Commented:
Thank You
Your welcome
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