Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 and VFP9

fatal error : Exception code= C0000005 @
error log
     file: Z:\\VFP9Rerr.log
                Called from - pos.loadline.line 0 ( )
                Called from - pis. grid1. colpart_part_no.keypress line 0 ( )
                Called from - rman line 0 (z:\rman.exe)

please how can we fix this
currently running a retail store pos software and that error occurs when trying to scan an item  for sales
Golden PrinceAsked:
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Does the error always appear? Do you have source code available? Did you upgrade your OS or drivers recently? What OS do you use?

But even when you know all the answers the fix is not easy because it means problem between VFP and Operating system.

One common fix exists: If your app uses FOXUSER.DBF/FPT then ZAP this DBF file. Everything else is a magic and will need source code and the app developer.

You may read more about the C0000005 here: http://fox.wikis.com/wc.dll?Wiki~C0000005ExError
Golden PrinceAuthor Commented:
Does the error always appear? Yes
Do you have source code available? NO
Did you upgrade your OS or drivers recently? NO
What OS do you use? WINDOW 7

One common fix exists: If your app uses FOXUSER.DBF/FPT then ZAP this DBF file. IT USES FOXUSER.DBF/FPT BUT I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE WORD ZAP
ZAP is a FoxPro command which deletes all data from the table. The FOXUSER table contains window positions and other metadata which are created during the application life. When the FOXUSER table contents becomes invalid then it generates C0000005 errors obviously.

If you don't have tools to ZAP this table then you may just rename it (or copy it to some other folder and delete the original) and the application should create a new empty one on the next start. The empty table creation is done at FoxPro run-time level but I can send empty one if it fails for whatever reason.
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currently running a retail store pos software
Do you have source code available? NO

If Pavel's suggestion above to ZAP/Rename/Replace the Foxuser data table works, Great.

You might also try to restore your data tables from a Backup after copying off the current ones to a Save directory.
If that works, then you can incrementally move the current data files back into the 'live' directory until things quit working - at which time you will have identified which one(s) are the problem.

If all of that should fail....
Have you tried to contact the POS System application developer(s)?
They will (or should) have the application source code.
NOTE - if this is a custom POS application that you paid someone to develop, you should have the source code.

Good Luck
Golden PrinceAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all guys
After all the suggestion the error still persist. We had to take a drastic step of clearing all the database and start all over again
Thanks for your contributions
Yes, this error may be data dependent and appears just under certain circumstances, e.g. several grids displaying data which are tied in a relation. In this particular case the relation was replaced by something else as a solution. To delete data is not good option because you can fall into the same problem in the future.  

If you have data (not metadata in foxuser.dbf) causing this problem fix the problem not the data.

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