what program/tool is used to create charts like this?

excelismagic used Ask the Experts™
I have seen the charts created in this blog

anyone had any idea what tool/program may have been used to create the charts and graphs in that blog?
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RaminTechnical Advisor
There are many programs/Apps which are capable to create this kind of Chart/Graphs depending on your needs.

Below are the best top five:

Easy-to-use but extremely flexible, Venngage was the perfect balance.

Google Sheets
The spreadsheet program of choice for many Google Apps users. Google Sheets is a simple and effective spreadsheet program with a surprisingly wide range of chart options: You can create Line graphs, Area graphs, Column/Bar graphs, Pie charts, Scatterplots, Geographic maps, Histograms, Timelines, Gauges, Radar charts, Org charts and more.

Excel Online
Excel Online is Microsoft’s response to Google Sheets. It takes the Office mainstay and moves it to the cloud. Like Google Sheets, you can use Excel Online for free.

Similar to Venngage, Infogram is free infographic software with chart-making capabilities. Their key advantage is offering “responsive” charts – a user can press a button and alter the data.

There’s a few things I really liked about the chart-making program Plot.ly. For one, you choose which axis each column will go onto. This solves the issue I was having with Excel, when the program kept placing my data on the wrong axes.
RaminTechnical Advisor



thank you Ramin

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