Force a website to use the second network card

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I've got the following case:

Network Interface  1: IP 192.168.5.x (Main network card because of the faster internet connection)
Network Interface 2: IP 192.168.1.x

Network Interface 1 is a fiber connection.
Network Interface 2 is a VDSL connection.

I need to connect to a website through Network Interface 2 because it is not allowed to reach the website through Network Interface 1.

As example:
Ill go to the website but it doesn't connect because it's using the network interface 1 of my PC.
If i disable network interface 1, and I browse to it works just fine, because it's forced to use network interface 2.

Is there a way to force the website to use network interface 2 while network interface 1 is still up?

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IT Systems Manager
If you know the IP address of the website you are trying to reach you might be able to do it using a static route. Basically just instruct the PC that when trying to connect to IP use gateway of the second network interface rather than the first.
ANUPKUMAR NAIRManager IT Infrastructure

On A windows Server in IIS you have option to select the IP, this should help resolve your problem.
AgrippaSenior IT Consultant


This solved the problem, adding a route into Windows!

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