Add users to security group from csv

I tried the script, it adds the users which are in first line  in the CSV, however when I have users more than one, it gives the following error:

adding users to group "narasimha.s"
 - Cannot find an object with identity: '' under: 'DC=test,DC=local'.

CSV format:
Group                                                                      Samaccount
DL-WGK-US-Houston-Projects-XXXXXX-RW           Test102

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Import-Csv "C:\Users\a.narasimha.s\Desktop\Project folder creation\Adduserstogroup.txt" |
 ForEach `
   $users = @($_.samAccount -split ",")
   $group = $
   write-output "adding users to group ""$group"""
   $users |
    ForEach `
        $user = $_
        Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $group -Members $user
      { Write-Output "$user - $($error[0].exception.message)" }

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SAM ITAD windows Admin Asked:
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AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Do you want to add multiple users to a single group or multiple groups and multiple users?

Import-module ActiveDirectory 
Import-CSV "C:\Scripts\Users.csv" | % { 

Add-ADGroupMember -Identity TestGroup1 -Member $_.UserName 

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SAM ITAD windows Admin  Author Commented:
I need to add multiple users and security groups to one security group
SAM ITAD windows Admin  Author Commented:
Input should be from CSV. The mentioned script works fine but it consider only first line in the CSV . It wont consider the samaccount details from the second line
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AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Why are you nesting groups like that and then putting in users, that makes no sense at all
So you don't want to repeat the group name in each line of the csv, but continue with the last one when the the next line contains a user name, but no group name?
Import-Module ActiveDirectory
Import-Csv "C:\Users\a.narasimha.s\Desktop\Project folder creation\Adduserstogroup.txt" | ForEach-Object {
	If ($_.Group) {
		$Group = $_.Group
	$Users = @($_.samAccount -split ",")
	Write-Output "Adding users to group '$($Group)'"
	ForEach ($User In Users) {
		Write-Output "  - '$($User)'"
		Try {
			Add-ADGroupMember -Identity $Group -Members $User -ErrorAction Stop
		} Catch {
			Write-Output "'$($User) - $($Error[0].Exception.Message)"

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SAM ITAD windows Admin  Author Commented:
Got your point.

 Add the users mentioned in the form to the Global  Group and add the Global group to Domainlocal group.
Users requesting for Modify access should add to Global group and Global group should be added to Domain local group
SAM ITAD windows Admin  Author Commented:
@obda : Want to add multiple users to security group using csv Input
That is obvious; but what you posted as a sample is not a csv; based on your editing looks like you have a csv where the group name is not set in every row, indicating that the last available group name should be used for rows without group name.
In other words, a csv like this (spaces added for clarity):
"Group",     "Samaccount"
"Group1",    "Member1Group1"
"",          "Member2Group1"
"",          "Member3Group1"
"Group2",    "Member1Group2"
"",          "Member2Group2"

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If so, the script I posted above should be able to do this.
If not, please attach the actual csv you're using, or post it inside [code][/code] blocks, without format changes (so no removal of delimiters, no adding of spaces etc.).
SAM ITAD windows Admin  Author Commented:

Getting error If I used the script you have mentioned above
Error screen shot  and CSV also attached
That's just a missing $ in front of "Users" in line 8, sorry; just add it.
And with the csv attached, neither mine nor your script would work. It would create objects with the properties
and the group name would need to retrieved using something like $_.'"Group",' and be
(Quotes and trailing commas included!).
The csv should look like that:

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Technically, PS would accept this as well:

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The double quotes around the fields are only required if the field text contains the delimiter itself.

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SAM ITAD windows Admin  Author Commented:
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