"TV" Screen to connect to Laptop .... TV screen are way cheaper than PC screens

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I want an internet "TV" for Netflix and to connect a laptop for you tube etc

I want to avoid a traditional round Cable connection from a TV cable company as its very expensive per month.

So best bang for buck should I get a smart TV that only has ethernet cable ...  but no traditional TV service connected ?

Id prefer a PC Monitor but they are very expensive
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IT Systems Manager
Most (if not all) smart TV's should have a HDMI connection that you can use to connect to a laptop though many will come with Netflix, YouTube, etc as apps on the TV themselves. Ethernet or WiFi connection should be fine too (Ethernet is better if possible as provides a faster, more stable connection).

I've used a smart TV as a monitor for my computer on numerous occasions without any issues - providing it's HD (which majority of decent ones are) there should be no issues with the image.

The only thing to watch out for is the TV updates - I got a Panasonic smart TV a few years back but then Netflix changed something at their side and now the TV Netflix application won't connect (and Panasonic are not updating it any longer for my model of TV) though not a major issue as I have an amazon fire stick for that now.
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & Collaboration
I agree with what you are doing, when you have a little extra money I would look at something running Kodi or IPTV. This will still give you the ability to stream live TV/Sports without a subscription.

All you need is a internet connection :)


We also have licence fees PA to contend with here if you have an old fashioned pound cable service along with a PM subscription ...

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