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Black screen on my Lenovo U31 laptop

When I try to start my Lenovo U31 laptop, the screen is completely black and stays that way. The power and battery indicators on the left side are lid, so the power supply must be working. This problem started with Windows 10 being very slow to boot, first one hour, then two hours! After booting, it worked fine. I reinstalled Windows to try to fix this, but it didn't help. Now it won't start at all. I tried to remove the battery to take it out, then later put it in again, but the last screw was damaged. It looks like I have to break the plastic on the side of the battery to remove it. I have also tried to:
- Get into the BIOS by pressing F12, but the screen is still black
- Put a Windows install USB stick to see if it would boot on that, but no.
- Connect via HDMI to a different screen, but it's still black
Now I'm stuck, please advise me.
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