sharing subnet on sonicwall

I have a two sonicwall tz200's. "SonicWall A" has been in place and works fine with X0 LAN ( and X1 WAN (not sure the external).

I am adding a camera system that includes an NVR, 4 wired and 4 wireless cameras.  I am adding "SonicWall B" to support the cameras without slowing down "SonicWall A".  I have the camera/NVR system working fine on "SonicWall B" X0 LAN ( but there is no internet access at the location of "SonicWall B".

I have run a cable connecting the "SonicWall A" X2 to "SonicWall B" X2.   Now this is where I am running into a problem.  I need to be able to access the NVR ( ports 80 and 9000) that is connected to "SonicWall B" X0 from a remote location.  Currently I have "SonicWall B" X2 with subnet of but this is not working -  I have no activity between the two devices.

So my questions are:
1) Can I give "SonicWall B" X0 and X2 the same subnet?
2) Should I give "SonicWall B" X0 and X2 the same subnet?
3) Either way how do I gain access to port 80 (web access) and port 9000 (mobile access)?

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Honestly, while I get the sentiment of why you have things the way that you do, I would tell that you that you should be fine using Sonicwall A for both. Bonus is that it would obviously keep your life easier.
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
is there a static route on SonicWall A for with SonicWall B X2 IP as gateway?
is there a static route on SonicWall B for the remote networks with SonicWall A X2 IP as gateway?
Is added as a local network in the VPN tunnel?

Which zone is X2 on both SonicWalls?
Perrin25Author Commented:
I have "SonicWall A" X2 has an IP of   "SonicWall B" X2 has an IP of  I have created a zone on both sonicwalls and have both named Cameras.
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Perrin25Author Commented:
I do not have a VPN tunnel set up on them.
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
With remote location I understood VPN.

On SonicWall B, is there a Camera to LAN allow rule?
Did you add the two static routes?
Perrin25Author Commented:
I did add the camera to LAN rule.  I am not sure how to add the static routes.
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
Perrin25Author Commented:
okay.  from "SonicWall A" I am able to ping which is the NVR that is connected to the LAN (X0) port of "SonicWall B"   but when I try from the computer with ip of it will not connect or ping.   how do I give access from the 3 subnet on "SonicWall A" to the 103 network on "SonicWall B"?  I am not sure if I need to set up a firewall rule, a NAT rule or some other connection.   Also, I would not know what it shoudl include.
Perrin25Author Commented:
Okay so after playing with this for so long.  I know have the two Sonic Walls talking.  "Sonic Wall A port x2" is able to connect to Sonic Wall Bx2"  In fact from a computer on "Sonic Wall A" I can manage "Sonic Wall B" using the ip address.  

What I cannot do is connect to "Sonic Wall B x0" port.   so basically I need to know how to route the information coming into x2 ( to x0 ( so I can access the NVR (
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
by default, SonicWalls do not allow managing the IP of an X0 when coming into say X2.

on sonicwall B
go into firewall rules, Camera Zone to LAN zone
add a new rule
any to X0 Management IP
service HTTPS management

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