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Application timeout


I have an application that runs on ServerA that needs to make a connection to ServerB.

Both are Windows 2012 Servers.

I had a couple of questions

1. If ServerB was hard down, is there a  standard TCP timeout that applications utilise to confirm this

2. If ServerB was up, but the network path to ServerB was down, is this the same as situation A

3. If ServerB was up, but the network path to B was down, is the TCP response the same?
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Fethi ABASSIWindows system administratorCommented:
What is the type of application you wat to use (web or any other app) ?!
are you want to ensure the high availiblity for your app if yes you can use Windows Load Balancer it's a good solution for Layer 4 load balancing
Overall your answers depend on the application in terms of how things behave. Not all developers properly check for the presence of connectivity, which sometimes will cause the application to outright freeze and never give a report that the connection is no longer present.

1) TCP packets have TTL (time to live) data within them. Once that time runs out, it's understood that the connection is no longer present, regardless of the reason.
2) Yes. All that's known is the packets are unable to reach their destination.
3) If anything is preventing the packets from completely traversing the path and/or allowing acknowledgement packets from getting received, then yes, it is basically all treated the same.
alexwhite19800Author Commented:
Thank you. In relation to the TCP TTL, would you agree it's based on the source OS and the figures are:


So if Server A is a Windows 2008 Server, the TTL for the packet would be 128ms?
The default would be 128 seconds, which is just over 2 minutes.
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