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chrislindsay used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts,

Does anyone have any bright ideas how to convert a VB6 project into something that resembles PHP code?
I understand that its not going to be a clean solution, but is there anything that could take out a few steps?

Thank you
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Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead
the answer is probably No.

you need someone whom with both VB6 and PHP skills in helping you to do the codes conversion.

you probably can get a try for Gigs or Live for resolutions.
The main headache is going to be the fact that VB is more like JS than PHP.  Here's what I mean:

VB projects are applications composed of controls, which fire events, which execute handers. These handlers may do all kinds of things, but usually copy data from controls to storage, compute something and display it within a control, or talk to a server and get data to display.

HTML5 JS projects are applications composed of page elements and controls, which have event handlers, which generally fire events that are handled by code that's registered in a framework like Bootstrap or Angular.  The handlers usually copy data from controls to a REST API service, and get a result back, and display it in an element.

PHP projects are applications composed of input forms, controllers that process that input, typically storing the data, and the controllers return views of the data.

If you have simple VB programs that act a lot like PHP projects , you can probably write the same program in fewer lines of PHP.  You can save effort by using a framework like Laravel, and a forms library.

If you have complex VB programs that allow users to interact with a lot of controls, you will probably need to use JavaScript to build a front-end application.  The back end could be written in PHP with a framework like Lumen or APIgility.  However you might also consider Nodejs.


Thanks guys both had a good angle on the solution

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