Changing Language with Microsoft Band 2

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Does anyone know how to change the language on a Microsoft Band 2?   I left the battery drained and recharge so that it could prompt me to select the language and at one point, I did choose English and was able to get it programmed to work again and somehow, the language is set to something else.  I tried re-draining the battery and recharging but it isn't prompting me to change the language. I may be going into a circle here.

I don't see how to change it under settings or under the Microsoft Health appl.

thank you in advance.
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CoralonSenior Citrix Engineer
You should be able to reset it to defaults from the app.. then it will give you the opportunity to reset it.

CEO and Founder
Ok, I was able to get it to back to the English language and the Microsoft Health app can see to the point it asks me if I want to pair with the Microsoft Band 2 and when I say pair now, it does give me the pairing code and when I enter that on the app, it then doesn't see the Band 2.  I have it right next to each other.  I have tried powering off and on both devices and the same thing. Kinda stuck.  Can't reset to factory default.
LateNaiteCEO and Founder


Drained the battery twice and then tried the factory default and repair with Microsoft Health App/

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