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User Account issue


 If i try to login my domain user account credentials in my machine.It will work fine after restart my machine everything has been lost in that account.Again I set my settings and mail config in outlook after restart my machine again lost all the settings.
I was using windows 7 32 bit professional OS.also tried to reset the account in Active directory that idea also not working

Each & every time facing this issue.My user account has been continuously reset after restart machine.What should i do?
My domain account working fine another machine and local user account also working fine in my machine.
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Your "Default user" profile may be corrupt.

Try creating a different local User account and log onto your PC with that account and see what happens
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Tamilarasu P


No issue in local user account.This issue facing only domain user acocunt
The idea is to see if the profile created when you log in with a new user account behaves the same way.  Its how you diagnose issues with a corrupt profile.  When you log on with a domain account the profile created contains content from the Default User profile and domain GP settings.
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It seems like you are logging on with a temporary profile of your account. it will not be fixed unless you delete the registry key of your profile. Please follow instructions using my article.
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Didnt I give you same answer before with steps?