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Excel macro to autofill data in column based on adjoining column and continue for each value in column

It's been forever since I developed anything in VB. I'm looking to do a macro that will take the first value in column A (after the header) and autofill down based on column B. This would need to continue down to the end of data. Column A is a list of names and columns to the right is the data. The first name in column A could run from A3:A12 but the name would only show in A3. I need to autofill the name in A3 down to A12 and then continue to the next name in A14 & autofill name to A19 and so on. The number of rows for each name can change daily.
I included an example: Columns A:C is the data & F:H is how it want it to look.
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Easily done without VBA as well.

Select the data as a whole and apply AutoFilter. Select the filter for column B and deselect the "(blanks)" option; you may have to collapse the date groupings to see that option. Then select the filter for column A and deselect everything but the "(blanks)" option. The list will now show those rows where blank on column A and not blank in column B. In the first cell of column A enter a formula:

=A3  assuming first visible row is row 4

Hover over the bottom right corner of this cell and cursor will change to a bold + symbol, click and drag down for the extent of the data.

Disable the AutoFilter and the rows will now be populated. If necessary, copy and paste as values.

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Worked like a charm