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LotusScript to Recompile LotusScript in a Database

Is there a way to Recompile LotusScript in a Database via LotusScript?
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Why would you want to do that? Or do you also modify your design through LotusScript? AFAIK there is no direct way to recompile LotusScript, and I don't even know if the server has a compiler, assuming that you want a background agent to recompile everything.

You could try in a foreground agent, using the keyboard library, sending keystrokes to Notes.
You could also try to find something in the C API...
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I wanted to see if it's possible because we have an elevation process for 11 databases. A part of this process is to recompile all LotusScript. Right now it is manual. Wanted to see if this was one of the steps I could put a part of a single action that will be performing a number of the current manual steps.
Ah, got it. It might not be impossible to do it using keyboard strokes. See and then the SendKey.lss library.

And how about the TeamStudio suite?
We have CIAO, Configurator and Delta however I do not believe we are going to purchase any additional licenses. I believe Build Manager has a feature to recompile LotusScript.

I will look at the Link you sent.
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Link provided has sample code from Julian Robichaux.