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VLAN 1 Line Protocol Down

i have an older 3560 switch that I am planning to test a RADIUS solution on.  I configured the device with VLAN 1 and an IP address.  Int fa0/8 is connected and in VLAN 1.
I get the following errors:
*Mar  1 00:00:43.427: %SPANTREE-7-RECV_1Q_NON_TRUNK: Received 802.1Q BPDU on non trunk FastEthernet0/8 VLAN1.
*Mar  1 00:00:43.427: %SPANTREE-7-BLOCK_PORT_TYPE: Blocking FastEthernet0/8 on VLAN0001. Inconsistent port type.
*Mar  1 00:00:43.427: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface FastEthernet0/8, changed state to up
*Mar  1 00:00:44.434: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet0/8, changed state to up
This is a simple configuration and need the switch to be able to ping the RADIUS server.  

The config is attached.
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Is fastethernet 08 connected to another switch?

In the config it is designated as access meaning it is only useable for a host.

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Yes, a Cisco 2960.
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When I try to change it to a trunk port I get this message.
Switch(config-if)#switchport mode trunk
Command rejected: An interface whose trunk encapsulation is "Auto" can not be configured to "trunk" mode.
Configured the following.
Switch(config-if)#switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
Sounds good, errors resolved?
Everything works.  Thanks so much.
thanks Patrick.  Haven't done this in some time.  But it came back to me when I got the command rejected error.
Nice! Glad to be off assistance.